Can I use home broadband for business?

1 April 2024
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In short – using home broadband for business can be achievable for some small start-ups or home-workers with moderate internet usage and minimal demands for consistent reliability and broadband support. 

That said, if your business relies heavily on a strong internet connection and requires higher levels of internet security and managed support, or if your business is simply growing, it’s highly recommended that you consider upgrading to a dedicated business broadband service. 

But before we look into this in more detail, it’s important to understand exactly what the two types of broadband are and how they differ. 

What Is the Difference Between Home and Business Broadband?

Business broadband is a dedicated broadband connection that is set up typically in a workspace or office, designed to support a larger demand for internet services when compared to residential broadband. 

Generally speaking, business broadband packages are much more comprehensive than home broadband and offer more business-dedicated services, such as Firewall security, cloud solutions and fast managed WiFi.

Home broadband, on the other hand, includes fewer features, with packages designed especially to meet the needs of the household, whether it’s streaming films and TV, gaming or online shopping.

Can I Use Home Broadband for Business
Business broadband is set up typically in a workspace or office, whereas home broadband is solely designed especially to meet the needs of the household.

Why Choose Business Broadband?

Business broadband is specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of businesses, offering higher performance, reliability, support, security, and scalability compared to that of home/residential broadband, which is more suited to households and families.

At Ogi, we understand that ambitious teams need IT to work hard for them, so they can get on with what they do best. Ogi Pro offers ultrafast business connectivity, together with market leading managed IT services and local support based in south Wales. Get in touch to learn more about our business broadband. 

Here are 5 main reasons why you should choose business broadband:

  1. Super fast speed
  2. Business-specific features
  3. IT services & support
  4. Scalability
  5. Additional security features

1. Super Fast Speed

Whether you run a small independent café or a large warehouse, most businesses rely on a strong WiFi connection to ensure seamless functionality. 

Business broadband plans often come with faster upload speeds, which can be beneficial for businesses that need to host video calls, transfer large files, or access cloud-based services quickly, for example. 

Business broadband plans may also allocate more bandwidth per user, ensuring faster speeds during peak usage times and guaranteed minimum speeds.

That said, residential broadband may still provide adequate speed and performance for some small businesses, for example, if you’re a sole trader and run your business from your home. 

2. Business-Specific Features

Another benefit of upgrading to business broadband is the fact that many business broadband packages include tailored business-related features, such as static IP addresses, domain hosting and business software solutions

Whether you’re a small start-up or large business, Ogi Pro can help you shape your IT desk, covering not just incredibly fast internet, but everything you need to run things day-to-day with complete confidence. We’re talking connectivity, security, wifi, phone lines, cloud storage, IT support and anything else you might need to run your Welsh empire.

Can I Use Home Broadband for Business
Another great thing to note is that the cost of a business broadband connection can be considered as a business expense, and therefore be deducted from your end-of-year tax bill.

3. IT Services & Support

If your business broadband connection goes down, getting back online as soon as possible is absolutely crucial, or you could risk losing money and damaging your reputation.

This is why business broadband packages typically offer advanced or local customer support, so you can get help with any problems as soon as they occur.

At Ogi, our Cardiff-based business service desk is happy to help your business out however you’d like: from products to keep you safe, sound and future ready, to all the IT services and support you need based literally down the road.

4. Scalability

Business broadband plans are often super scalable, meaning you can easily upgrade your internet bandwidth as your business needs grow over time. 

This flexibility ensures that you can adapt to changing demands of the business without experiencing slowdowns.

Ogi Pro offers 4 different business broadband packages, each with varying broadband speeds and capabilities and we’ll soon be bringing 2 and 8 Gig services to the market. You can choose your speed to meet your needs, for example, Ogi Pro 300 is perfect for small but mighty powerhouses, whereas Ogi Pro 1Gig is more suitable for larger firms which require a much larger broadband capability. 

Give us a call 029 2002 0535 to chat with a member of our Ogi Pro team about the right plan for your business. 

5. Additional Security

Last but not least, business broadband plans often provide enhanced security features like firewall protection, VPNs, and other security protocols to safeguard sensitive business data and information. 

With business broadband, you can therefore work with complete peace of mind knowing that your data is safe, secure and protected against cyber threats. 

Can I Use Home Broadband for Business?
Business broadband plans often provide enhanced security features.

Ogi Pro Firewall Security 

Our firewall security offers 3 key benefits to our customers: 

  • Protection from cyber attacks – Protecting access to data (for example: customer information, financial data and intellectual property) and blocking suspicious or unauthorised sources.


  • Improved network performance – Blocking unwanted traffic and preventing bottlenecks, boosting efficiency and ensuring that critical applications and services are available.


  • Controlled network traffic – Avoid network congestion, giving critical applications and services priority when needed while blocking traffic from known malicious sources and preventing unauthorised downloads and installations.


There we have it! We hope this article has helped aid your decision when it comes to choosing home or business broadband. For more industry tips and news, check out our blog page

We are Ogi: Wales’s leading alternative network provider giving local families and businesses ultrafast and ultra-reliable services.

Check whether you can get our broadband today with our postcode checker, or if you’d like to chat to a friendly member of our team, get in touch here.

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