How to run a proper tidy speed test

5 April 2024
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Whether you’re streaming, gaming, working, or just browsing, we all want the fastest broadband possible, right? So, it’s time to put your broadband to the test, here’s how.


Let’s get back to basics

When it comes to internet speed, think of it like a motorway. The more lanes you have, the faster you can zoom to your online destinations. More ‘megabits per second’ (Mbps) means quicker loading for stuff like gaming, Netflix binges, and working from home.

Now, your download and upload speeds won’t match. Downloading is like cruising down a 6-lane motorway, bringing tons of data from the internet to you, like songs for your playlists or videos to watch. Uploading is like a 2-lane motorway, sending less data back out. For example, with Ogi 200 you get an ultrafast 200Mbps highway for downloading and a 20Mbps route for uploads.

The bottom line is more Mbps means a smoother, stress-free ride. With ultrafast download speeds, you can stream, game, and Zoom to your heart’s content. Just think of Mbps as having more lanes to get where you want to go online, faster.


Ready, set, test

Now you know what we’re looking at, it’s time to put your broadband to the test. To check your real-life speeds, you can do an online test on or Here’s how to make sure your results are in tip-top shape.


Get a proper tidy result

  • Plug your device directly into the router with an ethernet cable. This will give you the most accurate reading. If wifi is your only option, get as close as possible to the router signal.
  • In the router settings, you can pause other bandwidth-munching devices connected to it.
  • Run a few speed checks, since busy times can affect results.
  • Close any tabs, apps, or programs running in the background. They may be slowing you down without you realising it.
  • Make sure nothing is actively downloading, like that new show on Netflix or your pumped up Spotify playlist. Pause downloads so the test gets an accurate reading.
  • Keep tabs on your speeds – it helps catch any issues lurking with your connection. Running regular tests is like taking your car for an MOT, for a quick once-over, to get you back on that motorway.

If the results keep showing slower speeds than you expect, your network may need some TLC. Reach out to your provider for some troubleshooting and tune-ups. They can take a look under the hood to get your internet humming again.


Give your connection a helping hand

Raise your router higher and keeping it clear of other devices or objects. This can help reduce interference.

Add a phone line filter if you don’t have one already. This filters out extra noise on the line. Upgrading your router or modem may also help if they are older models.

Internet speeds vary throughout the day based on overall traffic. So test your speed a few times – morning, afternoon, evening – to get a sense of your connectivity at different times.


Boost your speed

Getting the best connection often comes down to some simple tweaks. Try moving your router to an open spot if you can, away from other electronics. Keeping it free from obstacles helps too. A phone line filter can provide a nice improvement. Upgrading your equipment is another option if you need an extra boost.

Speeds change throughout the day based on how many people are online. Run a few tests at different times to get a good idea. Closing apps in the background that use data can help your speed test give the most accurate numbers.

If your speed stays lower than expected, touch base with your provider – there could be an equipment problem on their end. It may also be a good time to review your current broadband plan.


Let there be light!

The best way to achieve lightning fast, reliable speeds, is switching to a full fibre network like Ogi. Contact us today to learn more about our ultrafast plans! Simply pop in your postcode below to see how fast you can go. Diolch yn fawr, and enjoy the speed!

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