Supporting communities

Working together in the communities we’re powering-up.
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Your community partner

As we busy ourselves weaving our full fibre broadband network project underground and overhead in towns and villages across South Wales, we also want to root ourselves among the people and communities we serve and support.

Employing people locally, we’re investing around £5million in each town we bring full fibre connectivity to – helping to level up our rural towns, villages, and communities, readying Wales for the future. On top of all that, we’re supporting our communities’ grassroots, backing a wide range of local groups, from sports clubs and coffee mornings to radio stations and everything in-between.

Three rugby players standing with their arms crossed. The Cardiff Arms Park stadium can be seen in the background.

Clubs, groups and teams

We also sponsor and support a range of local clubs, teams and groups who are all playing a part locally in their towns and villages. From Cardiff Rugby and Haverfordwest AFC, to Potskewet AFC and Bro Radio, you’ll see Ogi on jerseys, dotted around stadiums and even on the airwaves!

Get in touch to see what sponsorship opportunities we have for your club or group.

Supporting just about anything

Our community fund ‘Cefnogi’ (meaning support in Welsh) offers micro-grants of up to £250, and/or volunteering opportunities, to a range of local groups and community organisations in our current and future full fibre towns and villages.

So, if it brings people together and has the potential to make a difference in your community – then our community fibre experts at Ogi want to support it, and you!

Applications for the ‘Cefnogi Fund’ are open up to four times a year. The next round opens in 2024.

_*Cefnogi [kev-no-gee]verb ~ to encourage; support; endorse; second.

Your questions answered

We’ll accept applications to the fund up to four times each year. The next round opens in September 2023. 
*Dates subject to change without notice.

Applications received after the advertised closing date will not be accepted for shortlisting and will need to be resubmitted when the fund reopens.

We aim to get back to all applicants the month after your application is submitted (although it may take longer during busy periods; we will always provide an outcome).

Who can apply?

At the moment, we are only able to support:

  • Town/Parish Councils
  • Formally Constituted Groups
  • Community Groups/Associations
  • Social Enterprises
  • Community Interest Companies
  • Community Benefit Societies
What do I need to include in my application?

To be considered for a grant, your activity needs to:

  • Be community led i.e., a project led or supported by local people.
  • Make effective use of local resources such as volunteers or community spaces. 
  • Be open to everyone in the community and have a clear local benefit.
  • Be based in a current Ogi community and benefit local people directly.
  • Evidence safeguarding procedures if working with children and/ or vulnerable adults and mandatory DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checks in place for any groups working with these groups.

Successful grant recipients are expected to: 

  • Spend funds within 12 weeks of being received with evidence provided to Ogi following the activity.  
  • Promote the funding award using their group social media pages – tagging Ogi wherever possible – and or any project website or newsletters on accepting the grant and before funds are paid.  

*Groups can apply once each quarter and up to a maximum of 3 times each year. 

How much funding to you offer to each project?

Grants of up to £250 will be awarded.  Volunteering commitments will be awarded along with/or instead of funding. 

Whilst the grant can be used to part-fund a wide range of activities, we like to see the impact our support is having. As such, we prefer for our grant to equal at least 50% of the total cost of the activity or project. 

What can the fund support?

igital Support, Learning and Skills Building 

Activities and projects that encourage digital learning, Science Technology Engineering  and Math (STEM) awareness/education and IT skills building activities. 

Community & Environmental Experiences  

Projects that focus on environmental conservation, such as litter picking or community allotments or gardens. This might include activities that bring joy, creativity, and expression to life such as gardening, sports,  walking groups and community clean-ups or community events such as fetes and fun days. 

Safe and friendly Communities  

Projects that play a part in addressing anti-social behaviour or activities that help people feel safe in their community. This might include  activity that brings groups together to celebrate diverse cultures. 

You will know best what is needed in your community, and we welcome applications to support different members of the community including young people, families, older people, members of minority communities, refugees and asylum seekers, and disabled people.  

What can’t the fund support?

Grants will not be awarded to or for:  

  • Activities that promote political or religious beliefs. 
  • Club Sponsorship/fundraising activities– these can be considered by emailing
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Individuals, groups, or activities based outside our rollout areas. 
  • Funding for activities that have already happened.
  • Applications from private sector businesses or statutory organisations.
  • Activities that will only benefit a small number of people.
  • Payment for salaries or for an individual’s time on a project. 
  • Rent/ rental costs or maintenance projects of buildings/premises.
  • One off activity that does not provide opportunities for learning, development, community engagement and/or sustainability.