What is Ogi Voice?

15 January 2024
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One of the great things about full fibre is that it gives you the chance to do more with your broadband connection. Connect extra devices. Watch higher definition movies. Download files faster.

You can also use it to make telephone calls, which may sound a bit mundane compared to all the other high-tech stuff, but actually, it’s really handi (you guessed – that’s handy in Welsh).


🤙 What is Ogi Voice?

Ogi Voice is a voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) telephone system. Just like old-school phone lines and regular mobile signals (but probably much clearer!), it connects you with, well, whoever you want to connect with.

Thanks to Ogi’s full fibre, you can use any internet-connected device to make or take your call. And if you want to keep using your phone, you can plug that into your router – as long as it’s compatible (which most handsets are these days).

You can use Ogi Voice to call other VoIP users, mobile phones, landlines – whoever you want. You don’t have to know what sort of device they’re using, either: your call will find its way, no problem. And arrive in better shape, too (because VoIP is digital, the quality of your call will always be excellent).


🤔 Why bother using VoIP?

As well as being crystal clear, Ogi Voice is inexpensive. For example, our Anytime package is just £10 a month for all your calls, wherever you’re calling. If you’re often calling mobile, that could mean a considerable saving on your bills.

Talking of numbers, we’ll give you a new number for your Ogi Voice service, or you can keep your old landline number if you want to (there’s no extra cost). It may take a few days to be transferred over, so you can use a temporary number while that happens and probably best to not turn off your old suppliers number until the move is complete.


📳 Fancy features come as standard

If you’re going to use VoIP for work, you’ll find it’s much easier to do the stuff that used to be tricky, like setting up conference calls. You can use video calling, send text messages, forward calls and voice messages, use automated call routing, and integrate VoIP with your office systems (such as Slack or Salesforce). We’ll be happy to take you on a quick ‘tour’ to show you what’s possible.


📢 One important thing to remember

Before you rush off to arrange your Ogi Voice VoIP service (you won’t regret it), you need to be aware that if you can’t get an internet connection for any reason (such as a network outage, your location or a power cut), you’re not going to be able to make or receive VoIP calls. This is why many customers prefer to replace either their mobile or their landline service with VoIP, but not both.


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