What ‘the Ogi’ is full fibre broadband?

1 September 2023
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Today, most of our internet services use full fibre to that curious little green box at the end of the street, and then old copper wire connections to the front door. Here we find out how full fibre broadband takes copper out of the equation – bringing you a faster and more reliable experience.

Around 90% of the world’s data has been generated in the last two years alone and that Victorian-age copper network – that once only carried our telephone lines – is struggling to cope. In an ordinary family home there’s gaming, TVs, phones, mobiles, smart home systems, security devices, those online work meetings, and so much more.

Creating a full fibre network in Wales enables our economy and communities to make positive changes for the challenges ahead. Our blog ‘A few reasons to care about full fibre broadband‘ explains how full fibre broadband is helping us to shape our  future more sustainably.

Full fibre, put simply, means a fibre optic cable to your home or business: made from glass or plastic, pulses of light to travel quickly down and up the line to anywhere, continually, and constantly. It’s the tiny bits of data that make up your emails to your friends, the latest Netflix binge, your online big shop – literally whatever you’re doing, travelling at the speed of light down the line, doing its thing.

It’s all a little bit magic (well, science really, if you ask one of our Ogi engineers).

With that Victorian-age copper, you’re often further from the exchange (or local internet hub), meaning slower, less reliable broadband speeds. That doesn’t happen with fibre. Your connection is just as good, whether the exchange is outside your front gate, or down the far end of the road. It’s a bit like having a really fast motorway with a junction right at your door, instead of having to drive a few miles away to join it.

Full fibre, literally brings ultrafast broadband right to your door. With great wifi, you can then spread the internet joy to every room in your home – without worrying about moans about buffering or lag. Powering-up your online life, today and long into the future.

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