Speed boosts and lower prices kick start 2024

5 January 2024
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With demand for better broadband services on the rise, full fibre coverage – that’s fibre to the premises (FTTP) – is now available to around 55% of homes and businesses in Wales (up from 19% only a few years ago). Not all thanks to Ogi of course – but we’ve played out part!

Kicking off the year [2024] with a new 7-day customer care service, Ogi has also boosted the online self-help service, offering customers more ways to find support, when they might need it.

In a bold move, Ogi – the only full fibre broadband provider dedicated to Wales – has now introduced three new speed packages, with entry-level prices lower than the cost of some older copper network (FTTC) services.

From £15 a month, the new Ogi 200 package offers speeds around four times faster than the Welsh average, and with a new 1Gigabit service available for tech hungry home users, Ogi hopes to attract more customers to its full fibre network as demand for speed and local customer service increases.

Commenting on the new speeds, Chief Revenue Officer, Sally-Anne Skinner, said: “With these new speeds and very competitive prices, we hope to once more stimulate market competition here in Wales. For too long communities have had to suffer poor speeds and eye watering prices. We’ve always said we’re here to change that – and once again we’re reflecting that in our offer to customers.

“We’ve learnt a lot from the cost-of-living offer we launched back in 2022 – when 6 months free was a good deal for so many. But today, people want consistency, paying a lower standard price from the get-go is a great way to open up access to full fibre broadband services from day one.”

Ogi has now signed up over 10,000 customers to its full fibre network, installing new connections in some of Wales’s most rural settings, often with little to no existing infrastructure. This new focus on competitive pricing, without reducing the quality of speed – instead increasing it – is part of Ogi’s initial focus in 2024 on its household ISP brand.


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