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Whether you need a single line or a fully-fledged call centre, Ogi Pro Voice keeps you connected to your customers.
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Why Ogi Pro Voice?

Talking is the crux of good business. Whether you need a single line or a fully-fledged call centre, Ogi Pro Voice provides a business telephony system with flex that hooks up desk phones, mobiles, laptops and PCs with wifi calling. We can integrate it with Microsoft Teams too.

If you want a VoIP provider that can also supply ultrafast, future-proof workplace technology and awesome customer service, Ogi’s business telephony services can help. From a single line to an entire contact centre, we’ll get you connected using the next-generation VoIP (internet-based phone line) technology, so you get all the features you need

Fast reliable connectivity

We provide fast, reliable full fibre broadband for crystal clear calls without lag.

All in one solution

Benefit from a smooth upgrade to digital phone systems without any downtime or major disruptions

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Experts on demand

Our service desk is staffed by local tech specialists who can diagnose and resolve problems quickly to keep you connected to your customers

What does the PSTN switch off mean for your business?

Within the next two years the copper cable network you may be using to make your business calls will be switched off. This is a big step in the telecom world. Whether you run a small business or a big one, Ogi Pro has what you need to transition all your voice communication to VoIP, which brings numerous benefits. 

VoIP is cheaper

VoIP uses an existing internet connection to make calls instead of a dedicated phone network, so you avoid paying call charges and line rental and you can scale quickly

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VoIP is more accessible

Make calls from anywhere using any device, re-direct calls and hold conference calls and share media during the conversation

VoIP is more secure

Ogi Pro VoIP solutions offer encrypted calls and secure authentication to prevent hackers (or anybody else) from listening in

“The main benefits we’ve seen have been a rock-solid architecture across the organisation that we’ve really been able to build on. As it has developed it has allowed us to do additional things that have delivered some pretty incredible cost savings.”

– Owen Williams, Partner and Group Head of IT, Knight Frank

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