Service Speed

How can I test my broadband speed?

You can use this free service to take a Speed Test. To get the most accurate results, you should connect your device directly to the router using an Ethernet cable and switch off any other devices you’re using. This is because speed is shared between all the devices you have currently in use, so if you have a 150Mbps service with five devices connected, those five devices will each receive at an average of 30Mbps.

By carrying out a speed test with only one device connected, you’ll see what your service overall is achieving.

I’m not getting the speeds I expected – what’s going on?

Your broadband speed can vary for lots of reasons, including local network traffic (how busy it is), as well as wider issues across the UK network and beyond. Because of all the factors outside our control, we can’t actually guarantee a minimum network speed, we can just tell you about the average speeds achievable.

At least half of our customers still achieve our advertised download and upload speeds during the busiest times (peak hours are 8am to 10pm). The minimum download speed you can expect to receive during peak time is around half your advertised speed.

There are some things you can try: take a look at our tips for speeding up your broadband experience.

We’re always checking and optimise the Ogi network, if you’ve tried the speed test and your actual speeds are significantly lower than expected, please let us know: or send us a message or call us on 029 2002 0550. If we aren’t able to improve things for you within 30 days, you can end your contract with us free of charge.