Ogi lends a helping hand to local community groups

17 March 2024
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Ogi teamed up with the Bridges Community Centre in Monmouth, supporting several epic community projects, all aimed at fostering connections and making life a little brighter for locals.

We kicked things off by providing some much-needed financial backing to five different programs run by the Centre. From arts and crafts to specialist activities for young people with disabilities, we were determined to make a difference.

With our support, we were able to donate £250 each to four community groups, but our team was eager to roll up their sleeves and get involved hands-on. Five of our dedicated employees, along with two of our Avonline contractors, dedicated their time to volunteering. Together, they clocked up a whopping 36 hours of combined effort, making sure these projects got the love and attention they deserved.

Thanks to our contributions, the projects became more accessible and inclusive for everyone. The Bridges Community Centre was able to accommodate members with diverse needs, including sensory, mobility, and learning disabilities. It was heartening to see more people getting involved, forging lasting connections, and creating meaningful memories together.

Paula Jones, Bridges Community Centre Project Officer said,

“Without the help of the Ogi team, who not only provided financial support but also provided hands on physical workforce voluntarily, we would not have been able to complete the project to the stage we are now! Thank you so much.”

But the benefits didn’t stop there – these projects had a ripple effect on the entire community, touching on aspects of health, education, environment, and overall wellbeing. They provided valuable opportunities for learning, staying active, and, most importantly, making friends. Loneliness was tackled head-on as participants gained new skills and the confidence to navigate life more independently. One initiative focused on support with integrating young people with disabilities into the community, setting them up for success in the future.

Our collaboration didn’t just end with the projects themselves. We formed invaluable connections and partnerships within the local community. In fact, our efforts were so successful that the Bridges Community Centre recently came on board as one of our newest Ogi Pro customers, signing up for our full fibre connections and phone services.

We’re beyond proud to support the wonderful residents of Monmouth through both our donations and our hands-on involvement. Seeing the incredible work happening at the Bridges Community Centre has been nothing short of inspiring, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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