Over £35,000 awarded to groups across south Wales (so far)

6 July 2023
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Ogi has awarded more than £35,000 to groups and community projects across south Wales since launching a dedicated community fund less than a year ago.

The ‘Cefnogi’ fund (cefnogi, meaning ‘support’ in Welsh), offers grants and volunteering hours to community groups in the broadband provider’s rollout areas.

Projects funded range from grassroots sports clubs to community gardens and dementia friendly coffee mornings.

Staff across Ogi have helped clear walking paths with Valeways in the Vale of Glamorgan, provided equipment for emerging grassroots sports teams in Torfaen, Rhondda Cynon Taf and Caerphilly and provided defibrillators and first aid training in Pembrokeshire. The wide-reaching impact of the scheme has seen over 200 projects funded or offered volunteering hours since it opened less than a year ago.

Community Liaison Officer, Louise Clement, who oversees the fund, said: “Giving back to the communities we’re working in is embedded in our company culture. From micro grants to volunteering hours, we’re rolling up our sleeves across south Wales, making the most of the people power we have.

“We’re asked to support everything from mental health and wellbeing events to playground projects, community gardens and grassroots sports clubs. Our communities are bursting with activity, and it’s great to be lending a helping hand.”

Speaking about the fund, Head of Brand and Engagement, Sarah Vining, said: “Investing in our communities is important to us. Many of our staff, contractors and supply chain partners live in these towns and villages, and this initiative, bringing small – but no less vital – cash injections is our way of giving back to those that are providing much needed support locally”.

Ogi’s support extends to volunteering opportunities and one-off grants, with teams across the businesses having supported the clearing of gardens, hosting coffee mornings and redeveloping community spaces over the last year.

For more information on the ‘Cefnogi’ micro-fund visit www.ogi.wales/cefnogi.

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