Ogi teams up with Esports Wales

29 April 2023
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Ogi and Esports Wales, the national governing body for esports in Wales, have teamed up to power-up Welsh esports sector.

Under the new partnership, Ogi will be Esports Wales’s national sponsor with their logo appearing on the governing body’s website, on official shirts worn by players, staff, and streamers, and on competitive channels.

The partnership includes new opportunities for both Esports Wales and Ogi to demonstrate the power of gaming, its players, and full fibre connectivity to a wider audience acorss the country.

Announcing the new partnership, Esports Wales CEO, John Jackson said, “We are excited to partner with innovative Welsh broadband provider Ogi, and the potential to power-up the esports industry in Wales that comes with it.”

“This collaborative opportunity will help us to further develop our esports program and engage with even more players, spectators and followers across a wide-range of communities. We look forward to working closely with Ogi and leveraging their expertise to create innovative solutions for fans of the sport.”

Echoing John’s excitement, Head of Brand and Engagement at Ogi, Sarah Vining, said: “We are delighted to be in a position to support the growth of esports in Wales through this exciting new partnership.”

“Esports is a rapidly growing industry, and paired with our ultrafast broadband solution, the future for game play in Wales looks buffer free and exciting. We look forward to working together to create new opportunities that we hope will ‘change the game’ for the esports community and its followers.”

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