Jake and Cerys, from Carmarthen

20 September 2022
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There are over 33 million self-confessed ‘gamers’ in the UK, and with 1.8 million people on social dating apps, finding love in an online world can be a Minecraft to say the least. This is Jake and Cerys’s story.

When avid gamers Jake and Cerys from Carmarthen swiped left at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, they could have only imagined how their destinies would align.

Meeting online just a few months before the first national lockdown, the pair managed to work around restrictions by gaming together. Cerys even offered Jake a spare console, so they could continue gaming as the pandemic went on.

“Gaming is a huge part of our lives. In fact, it forms the basis for a lot of our friendships – and is how we first connected.”

As restrictions eased, the pair made the leap and moved in together, bringing with them a multiplayer friendship circle from across the world.

With local broadband download speeds averaging around 67Mbps, their connection in Carmarthen was just not giving them the competitive edge they needed. Regularly gaming around the house, Cerys upstairs and as far as you can be from the router, and Jake in the living room, both found the connection dropped frequently, causing frustration during those curtail game play moments.

“Downloads and updates would take hours. In the little time we have together, we want to spend it gaming with our friends, not waiting for updates to install.”

With a new baby on the way, the pair thought it might be game over for their multiplayer lives, accepting their slow speeds as a sign.

“Having a new-born was a big adjustment and our lives took on a whole new level of busy. We started using our tech to help with timers for cooking or playing lullabies for baby Faye.”

The added pressure on their connection as baby Faye arrived took the pair to their wits end –  and that’s where destiny Ogi come in.

“We got a knock on the door from Ogi – quite literally just at the right time. They asked if we wanted to trial its full fibre broadband service and we leapt at the chance.”

Offering ultrafast speeds, and tech to support multiple devices, the pair signed up to Ogi 900 – with a 900Mbps download and 90Mbps upload as standard – helping not only their gameplay, but stream music to lull baby Faye to sleep, research jobs, plan for a wedding and find out what’s on for them and their new family locally.

“It’s completely transformed the way we can game, and having a faster connection means we can focus on what’s important – like our family, friends… and now planning for our wedding.”

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