Rhondda Cynon Taf

Ogi’s full fibre broadband is coming to Cymmer, Dinas, Llwyncelyn, Mount Pleasant, Porth, Tonypandy, Tonyrefail, Trebanog, Trehafod, and Ynyshir!
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Rhondda Cynon Taf, get ready for full fibre broadband

We’re Ogi. Wales’s home-grown broadband company, here to power-up communities like Cymmer, Dinas, Llwyncelyn, Mount Pleasant, Porth, Tonypandy, Tonyrefail, Trebanog, Trehafod, and Ynyshir with our ultrafast full fibre broadband. It’s next generation stuff, ready to keep you working, entertained and connected in your community. Starting at 150Mbps download, Ogi’s service is ultrafast and ultra-reliable.

The full fibre advantage

We’re bringing fibre power right to the door – bypassing those little connections and installing a brand new broadband network ready for all the streaming you could ever wish for, today and well into the future.

Building a full fibre network takes a lot of planning, some digging and sometimes a little disruption. But don’t worry, if we need to work in your street, it should only take a few weeks and, once it’s in, your full fire network is capable of being up-cycled continually, so you won’t be seeing our diggers again for a very long time (unless we need to quickly repair something, of course).

Illustrated map showing towns and villages in Rhondda Cynon Taf

Community is at the heart of all we do

Our connection goes way beyond broadband. We want to root ourselves among the people and communities we serve. We do this by employing people locally, investing around £5million in each town we bring full fibre connectivity to and supporting local groups, from sports clubs and coffee mornings to radio stations and everything in-between.

A woman looking away from the camera smiling. A wall and greenery can be seen behind her suggesting she's in a community garden setting.

Meet Louise, your Community Liaison Officer

When Louise isn’t enjoying a cuppa and a chat about all things Ogi in a local coffee shop, she can be found out in the great outdoors. You will mostly find her out on the water paddle-boarding, or braving the cold water wild swimming in the sea or local lake. On dry land Louise explores Wales on two feet, walking and hiking on a regular basis. 

Fairies, knights and buried treasure…

RCT is known for a lot of things – not all of them true – but DYK, there is buried treasure hidden deep in the far western corner of the county?* Said to be guarded King Arthur’s legendary knights – who have slept in the chamber for many centuries, and will only wake if someone tries to enter – this ‘great treasure’ is said to be buried deep under Craig y Ddinas (Rock of the Fortress). 

See, legends do still exist, even in the digital age. *Source: Visit Rhondda Cynon Taf