get ready for full fibre broadband

Ogi’s full fibre broadband is already available in Llanvaches, and is coming to Underwood and Langstone very soon!
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Shwmae, Newport County!

We’re Ogi. Wales’s home-grown broadband company, here to power-up communities like Llanvaches, Underwood and Langstone with our ultrafast full fibre broadband. It’s next generation stuff, ready to keep you working, entertained and connected in your community. Starting at 150Mbps download, Ogi’s service is ultrafast and ultra-reliable.

The full fibre advantage

We’re bringing fibre power right to the door – bypassing those little connections and installing a brand new broadband network ready for all the streaming you could ever wish for, today and well into the future.

Building a full fibre network takes a lot of planning, some digging and sometimes a little disruption. But don’t worry, if we need to work in your street, it should only take a few weeks and, once it’s in, your full fibre network is capable of being up-cycled continually, so you won’t be seeing our diggers again for a very long time (unless we need to quickly repair something, of course).

Illustrated map showing towns and villages in Newport

Community is at the heart of all we do

Our connection goes way beyond broadband. We want to root ourselves among the people and communities we serve. We do this by employing people locally, investing around £5million in each town we bring full fibre connectivity to and supporting local groups, from sports clubs and coffee mornings to radio stations and everything in-between.

A man in an Ogi uniform looking away from the camera smiling. A rugby pitch with posts and a spectators stand can be seen out of focus behind him.

Meet Ryan, your Community Liaison Officer

Ryan has a big Welsh personality that people naturally warm to, plus a great smile and infectious laugh. He is a keen motorcycle enthusiast who likes to get out and ride as much as possible around south Wales. A true family man who is a big softie; just ask his French bulldog, Thor.

A Welsh first…

DYK: the first Independent congregation in Wales was established at Llanvaches* in 1639 (then in Monmouthshire) and was led by the Puritan rector of the parish, William Wroth. 

It’s pretty amazing what you can find out online, isn’t it??. *Source: Welsh Buildings Trust.