Ogi Voice

I’ve got Ogi Voice, but I can’t remember what’s included?

Your monthly Ogi Voice service includes your chosen call package:

Ogi Voice Evenings and Weekends
(that is, free calls to UK landlines, 7pm-7am Monday to Friday and on Saturday and Sunday)

Ogi Voice Anytime
(calls at any time to UK landlines and mobiles)

Calls to other Ogi Voice users and internet calls are free at any time; all other calls are billed at our advertised prices. If you want to add voicemail, international calls or access to premium-rate services, just ask us to add these services to your package.

Remember, all calls except freephone numbers are capped at 60 minutes, so that you won’t accidentally run up a huge bill. You can still hang up then redial to carry on chatting!

How do I connect my phone to Ogi Voice?

Once we’ve confirmed that your number has been moved to Ogi, you can plug your phone into your connection box on the wall, and you’re good to go.

If I have Ogi Voice, can I keep my old phone number?

If you’ve opted for Ogi Voice, you can keep your phone number – let us know and we’ll arrange for it to be moved (aka ‘ported’) for you. There’s no extra cost, but it can take a few days (usually around 7-10 days), so if there’s a delay we’ll give you a temporary number to keep you connected. Please don’t ask your previous provider to disconnect your phone until your number has been transferred.