Fibre rollout

How do you decide where to roll out your network?

Our aim is to connect towns and villages across south Wales, prioritising areas that are commercially viable (or voucher eligible) and not served by other companies for now.

Our first phase will see us build to 150,000 premises, but we hope to scale this up considerably over the coming years.

We continually review our plans based on a number of factors and the details of our next phase of roll out areas will be available on in the ‘for communities’ section. You can also sign-up online to receive regular updates and news from us about our future plans.

Will I get notified if Ogi is building in my area?

We will attempt to speak to you and let everyone living in an area know that we are coming. Customers that are directly affected by the build will also receive a formal letter from Ogi and our contractors letting you know what to expect, and when.

Where will I find details of road closures?

We will provide information in the local community of any planned road closures, following appropriate processes. There will be several communication boards locally showing the start and finish times of the work being carried out. There will also be an on-site supervisor who will be on-site every day. They will be able to answer any questions you may have about our build.

Please also look out for our friendly engagement teams in your community.

How do you gain access to connect my property if I live on a private road?

If you live on a private road, our engineer will give you a call to gain access to your property and to discuss any specific requirements you may have with you.

What happens if there is any damage caused to property?

If an engineer has caused any damage to your property, they will inform their local Team Manager who will discuss the next course of action with you.

If the damage has been caused by our team, we will normally arrange the repair to take place and pay for the damage caused, but this will need to be reviewed by our team and cannot be guaranteed.

If you notice any damage that has been caused and the engineer has left the property, please contact Customer Care on 029 2002 0550 or send us a message.

Is the equipment for the network installation building work meant to be left at site?

Equipment will usually be removed from site, however there may be occasions when it needs to be left on site for a short period. This is perfectly normal and does not pose any risks the public. If you do see something that concerns you please contact Customer Care on 029 2002 0550 or send us a message.