Joining Ogi

How do I sign up for an Ogi service?

Use our handy postcode checker to find out if you can sign-up now; or you can pre-register your details with us so we can keep in touch.

You can also call our friendly team on 029 2002 0520, email us at or look out for the Ogi team in your community.

When will my Ogi service be installed?

If you’re an Ogi 150, Ogi 300 or Ogi 900 customer, you can book your installation when you place your order, and we’ll confirm it with you by email and text. If you need to change the installation for any reason, please email or phone 029 2002 0520.

If you’re an Ogi Alt customer, we’ll get in touch with you to arrange your installation.

You’ll need to be at home for your installation. Just a quick flag here – if our team arrives at the agreed time and no-one is there, you may be charged a fee (£60 for a standard installation, £99 for an Ogi Alt installation). So put the date in your diary!

How much is installation?

Standard installation is £60; Ogi Alt installation is £99.

At the moment, standard installation is FREE on all new Ogi for home 12- and 24-month contract sign ups!

If it turns out that your installation isn’t standard for any reason, our Sales team will tell you about any additional cost involved.

What will happen during the installation?

Standard installation takes up to 2 hours (it’s often much quicker). The team will set up your full fibre connection, and hook up your router/s for you.

This video explains it all in just 60 seconds.

What if there’s an issue with the installation?

We really hope that we get things right for you, first time, but if not, please phone our Customer Care team on 029 2002 0550 or send us a message.

Will I need a new email address?

No, you can use any email address you like with Ogi! If you’re moving from another provider, just be aware that some companies will downgrade your email account type or ask you to pay a monthly fee to keep using their full email service after your broadband contract ends. It’s worth checking this out with them in advance.

If I have Ogi Voice, can I keep my old phone number?

If you’ve opted for Ogi Voice, you can keep your phone number – let us know and we’ll arrange for it to be moved (aka ‘ported’) for you. There’s no extra cost, but it can take a few days (usually around 7-10 days), so if there’s a delay we’ll give you a temporary number to keep you connected. Please don’t ask your previous provider to disconnect your phone until your number has been transferred.

If I’m switching from another provider, how long will I be without the internet?

Here’s the good news – you won’t! When you switch from a traditional copper wire network to Ogi full fibre, you can stay connected all the time. Once Ogi is up and running, you can then contact your previous provider to disconnect your old service.

How do I connect my phone to Ogi Voice?

Once we’ve confirmed that your number has been moved to Ogi, you can plug your phone into your connection box on the wall, and you’re good to go.

Can I connect my Sky Q box to Ogi?

Yes, you can! Follow the connection process on your Sky Q box by selecting ‘Connect to a non-Sky network’, clicking on your network name and typing in your network key.

If you’re having problems with this connection, try the following tips.

Zyxel EX3301: Log onto the Zyxel online control panel and make the following changes:

Switch the router’s security mode.  Click on the menu (≡ top right) and Network Settings, then scroll down to Security Mode. Select WPA2-PSK.
Split the channels on your router. Separating the channels will enable Sky to run on 2.4Ghz, which is its preferred band. Although it’s slower than the 5Ghz channel, it provides a more stable connection. Click on Wifi Settings in the menu, and untick ‘Keep 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz the same’, then Save. Your channels will now be separate.

eero: Using the eero app, switch off the 5Ghz channel while you connect your Sky Q box. This will give your Sky Q box time to create a stable connection using the 2.4Ghz channel. Your 5Ghz channel will automatically switch back on after five minutes.

How do I change my network password?

You can view or change your eero network password any time in the eero App, under Settings.

To change your Zyxel network password, go to Maintenance, User Account on your online Zyxel control panel (Web GUI).

Can I set parental controls for network access?

Yes, you can! You can create a profile for any device using the network (say, your child’s tablet) and then set the times it can use the internet, and what kind of content it’s able to see.

Use the Profiles feature in the eero app, or the Parental Control settings on your online Zyxel control panel (web GUI).