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1 May 2024
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Engineers recruited to Ogi now benefit from a new bespoke 8-week telecoms training programme.

The in-house training programme is made up of a mix of regulatory e-learning modules, peer-led training and a ‘last mile’ practical assessment pilot facilitated by Future Networks Training (FNT), preparing Ogi’s new recruits for day-to-day roles across the Service Operations division.

All new engineers start with a ‘buddy’, learning on the job as they progress through the Ogi-led induction programme. From classroom-style training covering regulatory modules and the health and safety principles to on-site practical training, all new engineers undertake the programme before a final five day ‘last mile’ validation course at FNT’s bespoke training facility outside Bristol.

Customer service features heavily in the programme too – with all new engineers equipped with customer service skills in a bid to help Ogi maintain its ongoing ‘Excellent’ rating on review sites like Trustpilot, and industry leading net promoter score.

During the final assessment, engineers are tasked with a series of real-world scenarios including block paving, soft verge and asphalt reinstatement, work at height, accessing aerial subscriber nodes (ASNs), and the connection of an optical network terminal (ONT) to a property.

Commenting on the programme, Director of Service Operations, Louise Healey, said: “This peer-led approach makes sure we equip new recruits with not only the necessary regulatory practices from day one, but with an understanding of our company culture and approach to excellent customer service too – something that’s really important to us at Ogi.

“It’s all about teamwork and trusting each other out in the field, and back at base. By encouraging people to share knowledge, we’re not only continuously upskilling existing engineers, but creating a collaborative and supportive team environment across the business too. It’s really unique, I think – and is helping us embed engineers with the skills and confidence they need much quicker than before.”

One of the first recruits to complete the new course, Tom Begley, added: “It’s a really great way to get to know the business, and the standard of work that’s expected of me. It’s also helpful that we get to go out and about quickly, getting our hands dirty more or less from day one.

“I feel like the trust is there, and it’s up to me to prove myself in the ‘real world’ with people who actually do the job – and not just those who teach about it.”

Leading and Development Lead, Louise Mumford, added: “Here at Ogi we want to make sure our engineers have a meaningful learning experience from day one; one that takes them beyond the classroom and into the field as soon as possible, providing an immersive experience filled with real-to-life scenarios.

“This new peer-led programme brings together the key skills and knowledge needed by our engineers, side-by-side with the teamwork and cultural motivators that are specific to Ogi. Developing this programme in-house has enabled us to create a learning experience that enriches the development of our engineers and ultimately makes sure we can retain talent for the long-term.”

FNT brings an additional 60 years combined external experience in the telecoms industry to Ogi’s in-house programme, covering a range of techniques from fibre splicing to trench work and reinstatement.

This initial programme paves the way for future telecoms training schemes, bolstering Ogi’s commitment to continuous learning.

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