How to buy business software without the hassle

16 February 2024
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Buying business software used to be so simple. Microsoft’s productivity suite has long been an automatic choice for many organisations. But with recent innovations and changes, software procurement has become more challenging.

Office is no longer Office: Microsoft has morphed its productivity suite into Microsoft 365. This is more than just a name change, with new subscription tiers and apps for businesses to get to grips with.

The good news is that Microsoft’s software suite is sweeter than ever. Tools like Teams, Outlook and OneDrive make modern workplace collaboration easy. Meanwhile, AI assistance in the form of Copilot has the potential to revolutionise productivity.

While these changes can bring about opportunities, their complexity and disruptive nature may be daunting for business leaders. As critical as Microsoft services remain to modern enterprises, business owners shouldn’t have to tie themselves up or become software procurement experts to meet their goals.

Fortunately, they don’t have to. By working with a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), businesses can gain all the benefits of the latest software without becoming delayed or distracted by technical teething problems.

What is a CSP and how can they help with software procurement?

CSPs are expert consultants, authorised to act as intermediaries between a business customer and a vendor like Microsoft, while also providing the advice a business needs to make the
most of its software package.

So, what exactly can you get from a CSP?

Everything you need, nothing you don’t

With so many options for features, billing and licence usage, you may accidentally pay for tools your team doesn’t need, or unknowingly miss out on features that save your
business time and money. By working with a CSP, you can avoid paying for too much or too little, leaving you with a software package that’s perfectly tailored to your needs.

Cost savings
As well as finding you the best value plan for your specific needs, working with a CSP may give you access to special renewal discounts available from Microsoft. For larger businesses, there may also be the option to negotiate volume-based licence rates with the help of a CSP.

Efficient procurement
Cost isn’t the only billing consideration – time and efficiency should also be taken into account. A good CSP will help to streamline procurement across services ranging from connectivity and software to digital marketing, freeing up resources and saving you from dealing with multiple suppliers.

Expert implementation
Purchasing software is just the start. Your CSP can also help you with the stuff you never really want to think about: deployment and migration, setting up user accounts, ensuring a smooth transition, fine-tuning settings and configuring necessary integrations with other third-party services. They may also offer valuable training for your team, and help to implement or advise on security measures and compliance practices.

Local support
For too many business users, the answer to tech troubles often involves a time consuming web search or a call to an offshore support rep. Choosing a reputable and local CSP means you’ll benefit from face-to-face access, shared experience and fast, same-language support interactions.

How to choose the right CSP for your business?

Choosing the right CSP means you’ll benefit from all the benefits outlined above, and avoid being stuck with excess cost or inadequate tools. Here’s how to find a supplier that can help to ensure a bright future for your business.

Seek certification
Certifications can help to indicate whether a potential CSP is up to the task of supporting you. For example, Ogi is an accredited Microsoft solutions partner. This certification from Microsoft is only given to companies who have proven their ability to provide excellent customer care and knowledge.

Scrutinise support
Carefully check the support options and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) provided by your potential CSP. Look for support options that match what you need. For example, do you need phone support or live chat? Do you need them to speak a language other than English? How quickly do you expect help?

Compare costs and contracts
Compare the pricing models, contract terms and discounts offered by different CSPs. Does your preferred supplier offer flexible licensing options that can scale with your company?
Can any changes be made at short notice?

Ogi is committed to providing excellent customer service and support – what ever your business software needs are we’re here to help. Ready to get started?

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