Getting the best from your full fibre broadband

8 September 2023
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Is your online life powered up to the max? Check out these handy tips for getting the strongest wifi signal in your house and the best internet connection possible.

How To Find The Strongest Wifi Signal In The House

Your router sends signals in all directions. So ideally, you want it to be somewhere fairly central, open and off the floor, so that it’s not wasting signal by sending it out into the street or down into the ground.

The higher you position your router on the ground floor, the more likely you’ll have a better wifi signal upstairs in your home. 

  1. Move your wifi router to an open area – Walls, shelves and cupboards can all reduce signals, so moving your router to an open area can make a real difference to the speeds you get, and how far your wifi can reach.  
  2. Avoid potential interference from other electrical items – This includes near your printer, TV or cordless phone.  
  3. Avoid reflective and metal surfaces – This includes metal cabinets, fish tanks and mirrors that can disrupt or reduce your signal. 
  4. Don’t put your wifi router in the kitchen – Aside from the risk of cooking splashes, your router and microwave may use the same 2.4gHZ channel.  

By the way, don’t assume your new Ogi router has to go where your master socket was – you can use longer cabling if you need to.  

The eero Help Center also provides a useful guide on where to place eero routers 

Use an Ethernet cable

When you want the best internet connection possible, try using an Ethernet cable. Many people use them for smart TVs, streaming boxes and gaming PCs. 

Keep your wifi secure 

Having a password on your network doesn’t just help to prevent hackers getting in, it also stops anyone in the area taking advantage (which could easily slow your network speed down).  

Still using your old router?

Even though it’s good to reuse equipment when you can, if your old router won’t keep pace with today’s internet speeds (for example, if it only supports wifi 4), then it’s probably time for an upgrade.  

If you’re not with Ogi yet, but planning to join us, you’ll be pleased to know that the routers we’ll send you are wifi 6 (802.11ax WLAN) standard to make the most of our full fibre service. 

Turn off unused devices 

If you don’t use the wifi on any of your ‘smart’ gadgets (washing machine, robot vacuum cleaner, fancy light bulb…) make sure its connection is switched off. Bear in mind that devices that are past their prime may only manage slower connection speeds.  

Keep an eye on your speed 

We’re all for going faster with full fibre! So, if you find things slowing down at busy times, it’s worth seeing what everyone else in your home is using the network for, and how many devices are using wifi at the same time (it could be more than you think!). Speed is shared between all the devices in use, so if you have a 150Mbps service with five devices connected, those five devices will each be downloading at an average of 30Mbps.  

This is one of the reasons we offer different packages, Ogi 150, Ogi 300 and Ogi 900, so that even the busiest of households can get ultrafast broadband. 

Network speed can vary for lots of reasons, and although we can’t actually guarantee a figure, we know from averages that you should be able to get at least half the advertised download speed during peak times. Even with Ogi 150, that’s still way more than the national average of 54.9Mbs (Ofcom, 2022), so that’s good to know. 

If you do find that your Ogi internet is lagging, try testing your speed at different times over a couple of days. To get the most accurate results, connect your device directly to the router using an Ethernet cable, and switch off any other devices you’re using. By carrying out a speed test with only one device connected, you’ll see what your overall service is achieving.  

If the results aren’t what you’re expecting, please get in touch, and we’ll do our best to help. 

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