Complaints Code

We care about always providing you with the best possible Ogi experience. However, there may be a time when things go wrong, and you are not happy with us or our services.

Ogi’s complaints code lets you know how to make a complaint and how to escalate your complaint further if you need to. If you are unhappy with any part of your service, please contact us and we will do our best to put things right.

About us

We provide full fibre broadband services – described as real fibre – to homes and businesses across Wales, and some parts of England. Full fibre is a fibre optic broadband connection directly to your home or business. It is not shared with other premises in the local area, known as FTTP or Fibre to The Premise. We also provide some other connectivity solutions, including connectivity and support services to businesses in Wales.

We are regulated in the UK by Ofcom, the UK communications regulator. We are also a member of the Ombudsman Services (an independent alternative dispute resolution service.)

Our Company details can be found in the Contact us section.

About this Code

Ofcom requires that all internet service providers have a Complaints Code to protect residential customers (‘Customers’).

This Complaints Code covers the internet and/or telephone service (if you have chosen to use it) provided to you by Ogi.

In this Code, all references to ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘our’ are references to Ogi and all references to ‘you’ and ‘your’ are references to you, our Customer.

Handling Complaints: Initial Complaint

We are committed to addressing your complaints or queries as fairly and quickly as possible. All members of staff are aware of our complaints code and will always follow it, to make sure this happens.

If you are unhappy with our services, please let us know as soon as you can by emailing or calling our Customer Care team, using the contact details below. If you prefer, you can send a letter to the address shown. We will do our best to sort things out as quickly as possible. If you are not able to make a complaint yourself, someone else that you have ‘nominated’ to manage your account on your behalf can make the complaint for you. If you haven’t already nominated a person, you can contact our Customer Care team and they can help you with this.

Contact Ogi Customer Care on:

Email: Phone: 029 2002 0550

Post: Ogi Customer Care, Tŷ Ogi, Hodge House, 114-116 St. Mary Street, Cardiff, CF10 1DY.

How we will respond

We will try our best to sort out your complaint during your first call. If you tell us about your complaint by email or post, we will acknowledge this within one working day. Where it is not possible to sort things out so quickly, we will let you know the steps we plan to take to look further into and resolve your complaint. This will be within five working days. If you prefer to receive a written response from us, then please ask.

Escalating your complaint

If we are unable to sort things out to your satisfaction, upon your request, we will escalate the matter to a Chief Officer in the relevant department, who will investigate the matter further and reply to you via email within a further ten working days. Please give the Chief Officer the opportunity to resolve your complaint first before taking things to the next stage.

Should you still not be satisfied with the response from our Chief Officer, at your request, the complaint will then be escalated to the CEO’s Office. They will investigate and reply via email within a further fifteen working days.

Resolved Complaints

We will treat your complaint as resolved in a way you are happy with, if:

  • you have clearly let us know that this is the case; or
  • when we have told you the outcome of our investigation into your complaint and you do not tell us within 28 days that you think the complaint is still unresolved.
Your right to alternative dispute resolution

If we cannot sort out your complaint in a way you are happy with within a period of 8 weeks, or if we decide before the 8 weeks are up that we cannot do anything more to resolve things, we will issue a ‘deadlock’ letter. You can then, if you choose, make a complaint through Ombudsman Services. Ombudsman Services offers an independent alternative dispute resolution scheme. It is approved by Ofcom for the handling of consumer disputes. Its services are free of charge for residential and small business customers (those having 10 or fewer employees.)

You can contact Ombudsman Services by phone on 0330 440 1614, by email at or via the website,

Please note that Ombudsman Services will only deal with your complaint if you have first followed Ogi’s complaints procedure in full. If Ombudsman Services does deal with your complaint, then an in-dependent adjudicator will decide how your issue should be resolved, based on the details of your complaint.

If you are unhappy with the way, we, or Ombudsman Services deal with your complaint, you can con-tact Ofcom, the independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries, at Ofcom Contact Centre, Riverside House, 2A Southwark Bridge Road, London SE1 9HA, by phone on 0300 123 3333 or 020 7981 3040 or via the website,

You can also get further help and advice from your local Citizens Advice Bureau, but this is not part of our formal complaint’s procedure.

How to get a copy of the Complaints Code

This Complaints Code is published on our website at If you’ve any questions about the Complaints Code, or would like to receive a paper copy, please contact our customer care team by sending an email to, phoning 029 2002 0550, or writing to us at: Ogi Customer Care, Tŷ Ogi, Hodge House, 114-116 St. Mary Street, Cardiff, CF10 1DY.

Vulnerable Customers

We are committed to providing a supportive and non-discriminatory environment. To help our customers with special requirements we can supply large print, braille, or audio versions of this Complaints Code. For this, or any other help with special needs when using our services, you can contact our Customer Care team by email, telephone or letter.