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Push boundaries with full fibre broadband

Gone are the days you painfully watch a 10Gb file transfer to clients, or are mocked by the dreaded buffer icon as it spins and spins and spins… Save time (and heartache) with reliable, ultrafast broadband connection with Ogi Pro. Big ideas often need big files, and daily collaboration can’t always be in person. Our full fibre makes sharing, teamworking and downloading hassle-free. Do what you do best, and we’ll handle the rest.


Shoddy connectivity limits creativity.

  • It presents difficulty in transferring large graphic, video and audio files
  • Choppy video calls hampering remote collaboration
  • Live-streams or client presentations are affected by latency issues
  • Live editing is prevented leading to lengthy post-production process that starts with raw files being driven to edit studios

Sound familiar? Your broadband is hindering the collaborative nature of creative business.

Frustrated editor looking at his screen (editing software)

“We would have days in the office where team members would have to go home. With Ogi, we’re always on”

– Scott Jones CEO and Founder of Illustrate Digital

Worker from Ogi looking at a bunch of wires


Ogi Pro has the expertise to support your needs and provide unrivalled broadband capabilities.

Our local next generation full fibre connectivity solutions are already deployed in the creative sector with symmetric speeds up to 25Gbps. This means: 

  • Lightning-quick uploads and downloads 
  • Real-time remote collaboration 
  • Crystal-clear video conferencing 
  • Instant access to cloud-based tools 
  • Fast transfer of multi-Gb files 

But that’s not all.

We can also provide low latency, high-speed, point to point links to hundreds of data centres and offices across the UK and Europe – all from your local provider. Your data can be secured using fast firewalls configured in redundant pairs to ensure a reliable, secure solution, capable of handling massive data volume. 

“Ogi has changed the way we work; faster connection means we can do more”

– Richard Arnold, Managing Partner of Waffle.


With Ogi Pro, connectivity becomes an enabler for business in the creative sector. You’ll get quicker editing times, happier customers and better results. 

High speed diverse connectivity allows the creative sector to expand in Wales, and not just in urban areas. Not only can companies in the creative sector get on with looking after their clients and run their operations day-to-day with confidence, but Ogi is powering their productivity. And by providing links to data centres across the UK and Europe, they can thrive and demonstrate that Wales is a digital hub, packed with talent, that attracts further investment in this vital sector.

Two people working at a communal desk

Ogi Pro customers

Photo of Carys Owens, Managing Director of Whisper Cymru

Game-changing business

The need for high-capacity, reliable connectivity – and diversity of networks – is fundamental.

There used to be a perception that you have to leave south Wales to work on major projects in the creative industries, but that’s not the case. We’re delighted to be working with Channel 4 to remote produce its coverage of this year’s summer’s Paris Paralympics from Cardiff, but securing this has been enabled by Ogi’s investment in digital infrastructure delivering game-changing services such as 25Gbps broadband connectivity – not only a first in Wales but the UK.

– Carys Owens – Managing Director, Whisper Cymru.

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