Nirmani takes on the Ogi Porthcawl 10K

28 March 2024
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Meet Nirmani Fonseka, a vibrant member of Ogi. Originally hailing from sunny Sri Lanka, Nirmani embarked on her journey to the UK, via Cyprus, to pursue her dreams. Landing in Cardiff after completing her studies at the University of Reading, she found her place at Ogi in 2022, bringing her skills to the CTOO team as a junior Data Analyst.

Despite being relatively new to the running scene, Nirmani has embraced it wholeheartedly over the past year. For her, participating in running events isn’t just about hitting the pavement – it’s about finding motivation, bonding with friends, and exploring the great outdoors. As an intermediate runner, she enjoys lacing up her trainers and hitting the park or her local streets, often accompanied by her fellow Ogi Jogi club members for some scenic Cardiff runs.

For Nirmani, running isn’t just a physical activity; it’s vital to her well-being. Outside of her 9-5 job, she’s discovered the importance of staying active for both her mental and physical health. Running not only helps her clear her mind but also boosts her physical strength, leaving her with a sense of achievement after each run.

To keep track of her progress and stay motivated, Nirmani relies on Strava, a trusty app that helps her monitor her runs and set new goals. And with her recent purchase of wireless earphones, she’s ready to hit the streets with her favourite upbeat tunes or podcasts, making every run an enjoyable experience.

So, as Nirmani gears up for the Ogi Porthcawl 10k on July 7, she’s not just running a race – she’s running towards her goals, both on and off the track. Join us in cheering her on as she paves her path to success, one stride at a time!

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