A digital superhighway for Wales

A new virtual roadway, for the whole of wales.
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No traffic jams ahead….

In a landmark agreement with the Welsh Government, the Trunk Road Concession is helping us to build a digital superhighway between towns and villages, data centres and exchanges across south Wales – improving how information travels into and out of the areas we call home.

It’s a new network that all kinds of local partners and global operators can use – and that also delivers benefits to Wales and the people in our communities.

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Sustainable and community-minded

Improving digital connectivity will help make Wales more sustainable – enabling people to commute less, and do more online, wherever they are based. But the concession agreement brings short-term advantages too. It’s always best to avoid unnecessary disruption and build work if we can avoid it; and being able to use existing infrastructure is far better for the environment and the local community.

More capacity for homes and businesses…

In the future, the network will connect urban and rural Wales – strengthening the resilience of our cities; and bring full fibre connectivity, better mobile coverage and greater competition to towns and villages right across the nation.

It will provide direct connectivity to some of south Wales’ most important data centres – LINX Wales in Cardiff and Europe’s largest data centre – CWL1 Vantage – in Newport. These are essentially our most important telecommunications hubs, handling huge digital data flows, daily.

Working together, for Wales