Ian, from Monmouth

14 December 2023
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There are an estimated 2.9 million lone-parent families in the UK according to the Office for National Statistics – equivalent to 17% of all families currently living in the four nations.  

When circumstances change, connecting with family and friends is at the heart of everything – powering-up our resilience to make a fresh start, whatever the obstacle.  

When faced with homelessness after the breakdown of his marriage, Ian, who lives in Monmouth, found out first hand how important that resilience would be – and finding himself and his son a house to make a home was top of his list.  

“First thing – after finding a safe place to call home – was making sure me and my son had the tools to get on. For me, good broadband was something I knew I needed to get right; meaning my son could study and I could up-skill and look for work. You could say it was the security we both needed to get settled.” 

With a roof over their heads, Ian’s next step was to get the pair connected; making sure they had the “tools to get on” – and for Ian it was a decent broadband connection. Looking to Ogi, it was the reliable speeds that drew attention, with the added bonus of nothing to pay for six months relieving the pressure on the cost of moving and setting up a new home.  

“Compared to some of the major operators, the speeds and contracts on offer from Ogi made the difference. It was an easy choice to make really – with the free period offering me a bit of breathing space; after all, moving is a pretty expensive business!”  

Over the last year, things have been coming together for the father of one. Using his new ultrafast connection, Ian’s been able to manage his finances, look for work and make sure his son as almost no excuses for not finishing his homework! 

Unashamedly proud when he talks about his son’s achievements; from starting his Air Cadets career earlier this year, to his love of skateboarding – and Ian’s enjoying learning about these new activities too, bringing the pair even closer together as they stream and learn more about these new father and son hobbies.  

But it isn’t just about an ultrafast internet connection. It’s become a valuable tool for connecting with family and friends too. “It’s a blessing really… because it gives him the opportunity to connect with the family who don’t live with us, and his friends who are so, so important.”  

Like around 80% of children in the UK, Ian’s son is an avid gamer too – connecting with family and friends over multiple levels of games like Call of Duty and Fortnite.  

“Thanks to a high-speed connection, he’s able to have regular contact with family and friend through gaming. He’s very competitive, and says the reliable speed gives him the edge – but as long as he’s happy, for me that’s the most important thing.” 

In the face of uncertainty, the father and son duo made a house a home, connected by next-generation technology available at no cost today, but with far reaching benefits for their futures.  

Together, they’ve built a home to be proud of, and strengthened their most important connection – the one they have with each other.  

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